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The Backyard Market is a virtual farmers market orchestrated by Florida Organic Growers that was created to provide additional opportunities for farmers and food entrepreneurs to sell their products locally and directly to their communities. Our mission at The Backyard Market is simple- sell local, shop local, and support our local communities through our virtual market. Sign up today to become a member, free of charge, and experience everything that The Backyard market has to offer!


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Explore the freshest local products and support your community with just a click. Find the best in locally sourced food and artisanal goods, and make a positive impact on your local economy. Start shopping now and experience the convenience of The Backyard Market.

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Florida Organic Growers

The Backyard Market operates under the umbrella of Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers Inc. (FOG), a respected 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1987. FOG is dedicated to advancing organic, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture practices. As part of our ongoing commitment to our community and local agriculture, The Backyard Market plays a pivotal role in broadening access to local food and creating new opportunities for farmers.

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The Florida Local Food Project is a network of key players in the food system, united by a shared commitment to revitalizing Florida's local food landscape. By fostering stronger connections within our local food system, we unlock the potential for greater access to fresh, locally-sourced products and fortify the economic sustainability of our local food producers.