Puro Tinto Coffee

Single Origin Colombian Coffee Beans

Grind Size

• 1 lb. Whole Bean or Ground (454g)

• 100% Authentic  Single Origin Colombian Coffee

• Roast: Light, Medium & Dark roast



Light and easy to drink

Smooth and fruity flavor

Well rounded profile

Balanced flavor and acidity

Sweet aroma


Bold but flavorful

Less acidity

Heavier body in comparison to medium roast

Richer flavor

Bitter sweet after taste


Bold and smokey

Less acidity

Strong flavor 


Chocolate and caramel flavors


Harvest and roasted in Caldas, Colombia – our coffee beans can be ordered whole or ground at different levels. Our one-pound bag of coffee is delivered in eco-friendly kraft paper bags with a degassing valve to assure freshness and durability.

Perfect for coffee lovers who have a grinder in their homes and like to have the whole experience when preparing a fine coffee. Our medium or medium-dark roast coffee beans have an ultra-rich and smooth texture with acidity and aroma that you will only get from high-altitude mountains where our coffee is cultivated.


Ground vs whole bean:

If you like to preserve the freshness, flavor, and aroma of your coffee then ordering a whole coffee bean is the right choice. After they are ground up coffee beans start to age rapidly. That could be one of the reasons why when you buy pre-ground coffee from major supermarkets, the quality and freshness will never compare to ours.  The only downside when buying whole coffee beans is having to grind the coffee yourself. However, if you are a true coffee lover – this will not be a problem for you.