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These California chili peppers make a fantastic addition to many recipes. They give off a tangy, smoky taste, and they can have a hint of sweetness, too. This blend of flavors makes Anaheim chili peppers great for soups, stews, and all kinds of dishes.

Using Anaheim peppers and other chiles is one way to add complex flavor and spice to your dishes. Let's look at several easy meal ideas that use Anaheim peppers.

Keep reading, and we'll discuss more convenient ways to add luxurious flavor and heat to your home-cooked meals.


If you're preparing an appetizer for your household or for party guests, these make a great option. Slice them down the middle and scrape out the seeds, then fill the peppers with your choice of cheese and meat. After, you can also garnish them with sour cream.


When you're in the mood for soup, this is a fantastic option. You can put your fresh Anaheim peppers to good use by adding them to the mixture of avocados, tomatoes, beans, and chicken.


If you enjoy eating green salsa on your enchiladas or burritos, you can also try making it at home. Although the typical recipe calls for spicy peppers like jalapeños, you can swap them with delicious Anaheim peppers for a milder taste that will appeal to people who don’t love spicy food.


If you like the idea of stuffed peppers, you may also be a fan of this dish. Rellenos are stuffed peppers that are deep-fried with a crispy layer on the outside.


You can also prepare a rellenos casserole with Anaheim peppers for a layered, cheesy dish that serves many.


Knowing which peppers to use for your home cooking can be challenging because of their different flavors and levels of spice. You may need more clarification about the benefits of cooking with this kind of chili. 

Here are a few reasons to love cooking with Anaheim peppers:

  • They're not too hot. Since Anaheim peppers score very low on the Scoville Heat Scale, you can use them in many recipes without wondering if they'll be too spicy for your guests. You can also easily use this pepper in other dishes that call for spicier peppers if you like milder flavors. 

  • They have an exquisite flavor. This kind of pepper has multiple flavors wrapped up into one pepper. Using Anaheim peppers is a fantastic option if you're looking for a pepper that brings a lot to the table. 

  • They're terrific for adding to soups.Adding Anaheim peppers can elevate the dish whenever it's time to make a warm, comforting soup. Chop them and add them to your favorite stews and chilis.